"Birds connect us to freedom--their color brightens the world;
their wings give flight to our imaginations; their song breaks silence with beauty."

About the Book

Vignettes of a Birder, a fascinating compilation of Pamela Conley's most popular nature columns written for the Bodega Bay Navigator, conveys the quiet joy anyone can experience by watching our feathered friends. Conley's stories cover the evolving nature of her love affair with birds, from her introduction to bird-watching as a twenty-six year- old flight attendant to her battle with the California Department of Forestry over a timber harvest plan that would decimate a large portion of bird habitat.

These adventures, recounted in Conley's signature easygoing style, prove to be a moving testimony to the power that these tiny creatures command, regardless of whether you are new to the world of birding or have been watching these jewels of the sky for years."

Divided into six distinct sections that trace the arc of Conley's journey from naive twenty-six-year-old flight attendant to passionate nature advocate, Vignettes of a Birder depicts the radical changes that can occur when the beauty of nature is heeded.

Readers will be astonished at how bird-watching truly changed the course of Conley's life, from encouraging her to explore her passion for writing and involving her in environmental issues, to introducing her to her soul mate - and even saving her life.  Over the course of Conley's many adventures, meditations, and reflections, fellow birders may even recognize themselves in the author's passionate enthusiasm.  

A must- read for bird lovers and nature lovers alike, Conley's memoir acs as a voice for the musical creatures she has grown to love so much.


About the Author

Pamela Conley is a writer abd avid bird-watcher who formerly worked as a flight attendant for 18 years, a travel agent for 10 years, and a weekly columnist for the Bodega Bay Navigator for twelve years, where she regularly wrote about bird and wildlife issues.
Author of Vignettes of a Birder, Conley has had her writing included in three anthology collections printed by Traveler's Tales Publications, and has also been published in more than fifty magazine and online publications.